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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weather or Not

Weather forecasting everywhere has always been suspect, but I feel like when it comes to rain in Austin forecasting is 10 times more inaccurate. This week alone I've seen one cookout canceled for what now seems like is going to be a dry, pleasant Sunday and everyone going to SXSW next week glued to forecasts that have been ping-ponging between stormy and clear. It makes me miss New England where no one believes the forecasts and you just prepare for anything because that's what usually happens.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fuck This Weather!

Fuck this weather! Fuck it sideways with a rusty hook. There's nothing I hate more than humidity and living here in Austin I've mostly been able to avoid it, at least coupled with high temperatures anyway. Today is one of those lovely anomalies however where we started out with a large amount of cloud cover (the kind where you're like "just fucking rain already!") and progressed to a sort of 50/50 cover of giant fluffy clouds wafting by. It's nice to look at, but given that the starting point for this was +80% humidity this morning, it's made for a sticky unpleasant day.

You see usually what happens is that there's next to no clouds in the sky and whatever humidity has crept in overnight burns off by late morning, giving us 90+ temps with 40- humidity. When you get a situation like today, the humidity hardly burns off at all and you're left with 90+ temps and 60+ humidity.

Right now we're actually looking at 94 degrees and 49% humidity ... reaching the comfortable range, for me anyway. But at this point I'm already resigned to stay inside. I attempted to go out, find a cafe, grab an iced coffee, and do some writing, but fuck if it wasn't unbearable outside. So I did the next best thing. I grabbed a cookie over at Upper Crust (where I would have stayed, but it's really more of a bakery and not great for coffee ... also no wifi) and headed back home where I'm currently making my own iced coffee. Ideal? No, because I very much like not to be in my apartment for as much of the weekend as possible, but given that I'm going out later and the weather hates me, I think I can justify it. With any luck tomorrow will be better and I can get that cafe time I've been looking for and begin my summer blogging project.

PS. That last sentence there is sort of a hook ... a "to be continued" if you will.

PPS. That "to be continued" is (as always) using the Back to the Future font.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New England Mating Season

It felt like Fall this morning in Austin, so much so that I wished I'd not left my hoodie at work when I left the apartment this morning. I know it won't last (the real, consistent, Fall weather still being a few weeks off here) but, as a someone who grew up in New England the cooler weather stirred some pleasant memories.

I believe it was my friend Mark Wood who once described Fall as "mating season" for New England kids. The reasons for this ranging from the increased likelihood of sharing hot chocolate whilst cuddling to remain warm with members of the opposite sex (or same ... if that's your deal) to the preponderance of Fall related activities that the northeastern United States revel in, hokey shit like hay rides and what have you. In all honesty though the Fall is really the only consistently "nice", so it's when people tend to get together and go out to do things. Winter is pretty consistently awful. Spring is wet and depressing for all but a couple weeks towards the end. Summer has spurts of niceness, but in large is too humid to really enjoy. Fall is entirely bearable though and what with the changing leaves, largely consistent weather, and the aforementioned hay rides, it's downright romantic.

At any rate, it felt like Fall in Austin this morning and while it's "nice" for much more of the year here than it ever was in New England, I still have a soft spot for that cooler weather. For New England kids past, present, and future, it's mating season again.