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Thursday, December 16, 2010 Link Dump

Well is apparently shutting down so now I need somewhere to cache a ton of old links. This be it:

Now a "Switch" to Reverse Biological Clock
For the first time, scientists have pinpointed a chemical ‘switch’ that can reverse the "biological clock" by making human muscles younger and stronger .

Welcome to the web home of the Flag of Earth.

Abandoned Polar Nuclear Lighthouses

Christian Animal Racing HELL
Religious fronting aside, this game is amazingly bad. It's so bad that we're not sure if it's actually real or a very funny joke.

Garbage Palin Kids

Armor Games: Ignite People on Fire

Virginia is for Kid Lovers

She Has a Boyfriend

Lol Metal

Animator vs. Animation

What Will Life be Like in 2008

The Worst Album Covers Ever Created

The Big Bang Wasn't The Beginning

Eurogamer: Warren Specter Interview
... we picked his brains on the current state of gaming, BioShock, Deus Ex 3 and his expectations on people's reaction when his new game is finally released ...

Mario Twins

Australian Senator Discusses Oil Spill
The front fell off

Toddler Kung Fu

From Present to Past
The approach acknowledges that the universe did not have just one unique beginning and history but a multitude of different beginnings and histories, and that it has experienced them all. But because most of these other alternative histories disappeared very early after the Big Bang to leave behind the universe we observe today, the best way to understand the past, they say, is to trace our knowledge back from the present

Shoot Up to Cool Down
Injecting sulfur into the atmosphere to slow down global warming is worthy of serious consideration, according to Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen

Chicken and Egg Debate Unscrambled
Egg came first, "eggsperts" agree

Could Cyclic Universe Explain Mystery?
Theorists suggest Big Bangs and Crunches lead to cosmic balance

Walk a Quarter Mile or Die
If you can walk a quarter-mile, odds are you have at least six years of life left in you, scientists announced today.

Antimatter Space Ship for Mars?

High Efficiency Flat Light Source Invented
Tired of fluorescent tubes? Imagine your ceiling -- or any surface -- as a giant light panel, thanks to OLED research from the University of Southern California and Princeton University.