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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Impending PAX East Update

I went to PAX East this past weekend and while I'd love to give a recap, there's simply too much material to write about at the moment and with a pretty full week ahead of me I may not get to the update until this weekend.

"Full" You say. "Full of what?"

Well tomorrow I've got Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at Emo's downtown. I've somehow managed to miss every chance I've had before to see Ted headline and only for stupid reasons like work or not thinking to buy tickets far enough in advance and while I did get to see him a couple years ago when he opened for Pearl Jam in DC, it's not the same. This time I've got it locked down though. With "The Brutalist Bricks" having turned out to be an excellent album (even if side two is a little weak) I'm very much looking forward to seeing Leo live.

Thursday is game night, when Charlie will most likely attempt to flatten us with another UFO in our GURPS game as we rush violently toward the senses-shattering climax of the campaign. It's honestly been a blast and while I've enjoyed the chance to play zombie-killing trucker/ex-soldier Burt Jackson, a man whose love for his truck knows no bounds, I'm really looking forward to rolling up a character for our next GURPS excursion with Charlie's Firefly-themed campaign.

And Friday ... well, I've got nothing specific going on Friday, but if there are any good movies, that's likely what I'll end up doing. In either case, my PAX East update will be up sometime this weekend in which I will regale you with tales of Boston, the Penny Arcade Expo, how much I hate the cold, and realizing that Wil Wheaton is slightly shorter than I expected.