Saturday, December 29, 2012

My 2012 Music Stats

When I tell people how much I like music, I don’t think they really get an idea of how much music I actually acquire and consume in a given year. Here’s some stats from this past year on what my music purchases and listening actually encompassed:

1289 new tracks across 154 new albums by 95 artists 47 of whom I had never heard before. And I make it a point to listen to every new album I acquire at least twice.

Not counting untracked sources like and other web-based streams, I listened to almost 4000 unique tracks in 2012. At a median of about 5 times per track that's about 70000 minutes (1167 hours) or nearly 49 straight days of music listening.

According to my Top 10 most listened to artists of 2012 are:

  1. Quiet Company
  2. Fang Island
  3. Zlam Dunk
  4. The Sour Notes
  5. The Capitalist Kids
  6. Coheed & Cambria
  7. Markov
  8. Wilco
  9. Literature
  10. Mother Falcon

My Top 10 most listened to albums of 2012 are:

  1. Quiet Company - We Are All Where We Belong
  2. Fang Island - s/t
  3. Zlam Dunk - Noble Ancestry
  4. Literature - Arab Spring
  5. Zlam Dunk - Balcones
  6. Pswingset - All Our False Starts
  7. Markov - This Quiet
  8. Mother Falcon - Alhambra
  9. Dear Landlord - Dream Homes
  10. The Capitalist Kids - Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene

And my Top 10 most listened to tracks of 2012 (if I only count the top track for each band) are:

  1. Coheed & Cambria - Domino the Destitute
  2. Quiet Company - Everything Louder Than Everything Else
  3. Fang Island - Sideswiper
  4. Zlam Dunk - Midnight Runners
  5. Literature - Grifted
  6. Pswingset - Husk
  7. The Sour Notes - Hot Pink Flares
  8. The Calm Blue Sea - We Happy Few
  9. Markov - Lucky Me
  10. Marmalakes - White Height

Statistically speaking 2012 has been my biggest year for new music since 2009 when I first started keeping these kinds of stats. With 8 albums already on my 2013 list, I’d say I’m off to a good start for next year as well. 

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